I have been a working screenwriter for 30 years, and was introduced to David Davoli just as I was about to hit a boom period in my career. I’ve known a number of good attorneys, but none who was more knowledgeable, a better negotiator, or a more loyal and supportive counselor to his clients. I’ve watched him make a number of very substantial deals that included his clients involvement with studios, networks, major film stars and Oscar winners as part of the overall package. He’s fast, efficient – what can I say, I have not seen anymore better than Dave.

James Dalessandro, Author/Screenwriter, 1906 and CITIZEN JANE

Speed, forthrightness, acute attention to detail…these are all qualities you expect from a top-tier entertainment law firm and Davoli Law greatly excels in all categories. But what separates Davoli Law and its principal David Davoli is integrity, an unwavering allegiance to a client’s rights and interests mixed with an innate ability for elucidating the often more challenging longview. With Davoli Law you don’t merely have an advocate, you have a champion.

Brian Gary, Writer/Director, Gray Brain Inc.

David Davoli has been representing our interests in the USA for the past 5 years and has helped structure a number of challenging deals involving European and US co-producers, broadcasters, agents and financiers. His unique knowledge and understanding of the different legal and guild requirements on both sides of the Atlantic is invaluable, and alongside this he provides a superb professional service which is always thoughtful and considered.

Stewart Mackinnon, CEO/Producer, Headline Pictures

I really enjoyed working with David when we recently negotiated my executive producer agreement. He found creative solutions to problems, was thoughtful and tough on my behalf, and was fun to do business with. I’ll be using his services again soon, I’m sure.

– Peter McGuigan, Co-Founder, Foundry Literary + Media

David is a talented lawyer and incredibly focused when it comes to getting a deal closed thoroughly and in a timely manner. He never drags out the process of negotiation and always keeps his eyes on the ultimate goal — getting a project made.

Andrew van den Houten, CEO/Producer, Modernciné

I have had the pleasure of working with David on several projects over the years and I cannot say enough with regards to his professional skills, focus and integrity. I would recommend his firm to anyone who needs a partner more than a lawyer; someone that cares very much for his clients.

Stefano Gallini-Durante, CEO/Producer, Code 39 Films

There are two types of entertainment lawyers. Those who know and those who pretend they know. David Davoli knows the know inside and out.

– Glenn Schubert, President, InsominaTV

I was introduced to David Davoli by my trusted literary agent because we needed a quick resolution to a potentially touchy legal concern. Acting swiftly, David proved a strong and knowledgeable advocate, and a patient advisor. After achieving our targeted outcome, he is now my legal lifeline for all present and future concerns.

– Vicki Pettersson, Author

David was instrumental in negotiations with Films Of Record and the BBC for a documentary shot entirely in the US. His New York edge is a force to be reckoned with internationally. I would never look anywhere else for counsel or advice.

Allan Styer, CEO/Producer, Alldon Productions

It’s rare to find entertainment lawyers who actually take the time to figure out what you want, both in the long term and the short term. David does all this, and more–he’s a tough negotiator and knows his stuff backwards and forwards, and ultimately knows that getting the deal done well is as important as getting it done.

Ari Gold, Writer/Director, Grack Films

David is an excellent lawyer. He’s thorough, clear and generous with his time. His attention to detail helped sell my film while protecting my best interest as an artist. I highly recommend working with him.

Ahd Kamel, Writer/Director, Odd Camel Films

Dave’s insight into the entertainment business as a whole is just as important as his first class legal representation. I look to him to tell me not what I want to hear but more importantly what I need to know. As a creative person I spend most days with my head in the clouds. It’s great to have someone with two feet on the ground. Thanks Dave!

Michael Conroy, Writer/Producer, Royal Blue Pictures

I have worked with David Davoli for several years and appreciate his intelligence and his integrity. I recommend him as an attorney, and as a gentleman.

Peter Goldsmith, Film/TV Producer

Dave Davoli is one of the new breed of entertainment lawyers – one that knows how to navigate this new world of the nano-digital delivery of content in milliseconds. I have worked with David on several deals and found him thoroughly professional, with killer deal-making instincts and knowledge.

Peter Miller, Literary Lion, CEO, Global Lion Intellectual Property Management

David Davoli is knowledgeable and efficient and he genuinely cares about his clients and the outcomes they’re hoping to generate. I’ve worked with him on numerous occasions and have always been impressed with his professionalism and skill.

Lou Aronica, CEO, The Story Plant

I met David at The Berlin Film Festival and right away I could tell he is the type of lawyer who is on his “A” game on a 24/7 basis. David’s knowledge about the film industry is definitely what sets him apart from anyone else. He’s fast, will stand up for your rights, and what I like the most is the fact that he always keeps the other party on a short leash. David Davoli is part of this super breed of lawyers you need to hire if you want to see results in your case.

Joachim Levy, Motion Picture Director & Editor

I run an online training company delivering post production tutorials to the broadcast industry. When it comes to negotiating contracts, David is accessible, quick to respond and asks the tough questions. He’s personable, professional and I cannot think of anyone else I would want in my corner.

Steve R. Martin, CEO, Ripple Training, Inc.