Jekielek & Janis, LLP
IP Litigation Law Firm

Our colleagues from Jekielek & Janis, LLP are entertainment lawyers who have represented their clients in cutting-edge litigation in U.S. courts in all matters relating to intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark infringement matters, trade name, trade dress, anti-piracy, domain name, defamation, right of publicity/privacy, and unfair competition issues. Jekielek & Janis, LLP has litigated infringement actions involving disputes between production companies and distributors, disputes between artists and managers, disputes between record labels, disputes between recording artists and labels, and disputes between actors and studios or networks.

While Davoli Law has the skill to monitor its clients’ intellectual property for potential infringement claims, when it comes to enforcing these rights we look to Jekielek & Janis, LLP to vigorously pursue these claims in a court of law.

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